LUMEVE's carefully selected ingredients for hair suppression


It is very difficult to take care of unwanted hair every day.

LUMEVE not only takes care of odor and itchiness, but also suppresses hair growth.

Let's take effective beauty care with products that contain carefully selected ingredients.

【Ingredients of LUMEVE that also have hair suppression effects】

As with the delicate zone, many women may find regular removal of unwanted hair to be a "hassle.

Using a razor to remove unwanted hair can also cause skin irritation.

LUMEVE Whitening Gel Cream is a high-performance whitening gel cream with hair suppression properties.

It contains 9 types of skin conditioning ingredients, which are effective against odor, itchiness, rash, and hair suppression.

It also has moisturizing properties, providing moisture to rough and dry skin after razors.

≪Nine types of skin conditioning ingredients≫ ≪Clara extract

・Clara extract

・Ginger extract

・Ginkgo extract

・Turmeric extract

・Cha leaf extract

・Amacha extract

・European birch bark extract

・European white birch bark extract

・Hypericum erectum extract

Use LUMEVE Whitening Gel Cream to solve diverse feminine zone problems.

【LUMEVE is safe for delicate skin】

Daily care of the delicate zone and unwanted hair is important.

However, cosmetics contain various additives such as colorants, which may cause skin problems.

Since these products are used on delicate areas, we want to use care products that are gentle to the skin.

LUMEVE contains no additives (colorants, mineral oils, silicones, parapens, UV absorbers, petroleum surfactants, wheat-derived ingredients) that can be a burden on your skin, and can be used daily.

It also contains 4 kinds of certified organic ingredients and 4 kinds of Jamu ingredients, which are gentle to the skin.

≪Four certified organic ingredients≫

・Lavender flower extract

・Lavender flower extract

・Sage extract

・Sage extract

・Sorrel extract

・Lavender flower extract

・Sage extract

・S saw palmetto extract

・Kaninabara fruit extract

≪4 kinds of Jamu ingredients

・Lavender flower extract

・Sage extract

・Marronnier extract

・Hamamelis leaf extract

In addition to "Jamu" and "organic" ingredients, it also contains 6 kinds of beauty ingredients with excellent moisturizing and anti-aging effects to prevent "aging," "dark spots," "odor," and "itching" caused by dry skin.

≪6 kinds of beauty moisturizing ingredients


・Sodium hyaluronate

・Hydrolyzed elastin

・Cocoyl hydrolyzed collagen K



Use LUMEVE Whitening Gel Cream, which is gentle to the skin, to prevent "aging," "dark spots," "odor," and "itching" caused by dry skin.

【Let's aim for beautiful skin with LUMEVE】

LUMEVE Whitening Gel Cream is a gel cream specialized for feminine zone care, but it can be used not only for dark spots in the feminine zone, but also for areas of concern such as armpits, elbows, and breasts.

Dark spots are caused by friction when the skin is rubbed hard or touched by clothing, or by irritation from hair removal such as razors or hair plucking, which leads to hyperpigmentation (excessive accumulation of melanin pigment in the skin) and dark spots.

LUMEVE Whitening Gel Cream uses the active ingredient "tranexamic acid" to suppress melanin production and prevent spots and freckles, and also contains supportive ingredients ("peony extract," "osmanthus extract," "saxifrage extract," and "tsuboxa extract") to thoroughly treat dark spots. The product is also formulated with "peony extract," "osmanthus extract," "saxifrage extract," and "tsubokusa extract.

By using LUMEVE Whitening Gel Cream on areas where dark spots are bothering you, you can get clear, dull skin.

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