For those who want to show their skin, here are some causes and countermeasures for darkening of knees and elbows


Many people are usually concerned about dark spots on their knees and elbows.

During the cold months of fall and winter, when we do not expose much skin, it does not bother us because the skin is hidden, but as the weather gradually warms up, we want to show our skin.

In this article, we will introduce the causes and countermeasures for blackheads.

Three causes of dark spots on knees and elbows

The causes of dark spots on knees and elbows are friction, damage to the skin, and dryness.

Friction and UV rays on the skin cause inflammation and melanin formation.

This thickens the keratin and reduces light penetration, resulting in a dull, dark appearance.

 (Cause of dark circles 1: "Friction")

When washing your body, do you scrub your knees and elbows in the bath?

Washing too hard can be very damaging to the skin.

Another common cause of blackheads is "having children and often kneeling on the floor," "kneeling when exercising," or "crossing your legs."

These are things that we do unconsciously on a daily basis that accumulate and cause dark spots.

 (Cause of dark spots 2: "skin damage")

Self-treatment of unwanted hair is one of the causes of dark spots on knees and elbows.

Self-treatment using hair pluckers or razors irritates and rubs the skin, causing hyperpigmentation.

Try to avoid darkening by self-treatment with electric shavers or scissors, which do not have blades that directly contact the skin.

In addition, knees and elbows are exposed to ultraviolet rays because they protrude, making them vulnerable to damage.

Damage from ultraviolet rays causes melanin pigment to increase, which is the same as sunburn and can lead to dark spots.

It is important to wear sunscreen on a regular basis to protect the elbows from UV rays.

 (Cause of dark spots 3: "Dryness")

Dry skin is another cause of dark spots.

When skin becomes dry, the turnover cycle is disrupted, resulting in the same condition as rough skin.

When turnover does not work properly, skin metabolism is impaired, leading to dark spots.

Compared to the face, the knees and elbows tend to be neglected.

Moisturize your knees and elbows well before they become dry.

Two measures to improve dark spots on knees and elbows

 (Countermeasure 1: Reduce friction)

Dark spots on knees and elbows can be improved by reducing friction.

The following are ways to reduce friction.

Do not scrub the skin in the bath, but wash gently with foam and scrubs.

Avoid kneeling on knees and elbows.

Wear comfortable underwear and clothes that minimize friction.

After bathing, do not forget to moisturize your skin.

Also, we are sure that there are people who put their elbows on the desk at work or cross their legs unconsciously on the train. These actions can also cause friction, so please be careful on a regular basis.

 (Countermeasure 2: Reduce skin damage)

The following are two measures to reduce skin damage on knees and elbows.

Moisturize thoroughly after removing unwanted hair.

Avoid UV rays as much as possible by wearing sunscreen.

Unwanted hair removal causes dryness and damage to the skin.

To avoid dryness, exfoliate and moisturize the skin carefully, just as you do with your face and hands.

Considering the skin turnover cycle, it cannot be said that blackheads will disappear immediately, but daily efforts can improve blackheads on knees and elbows.

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