Eight effects approach the feminine zone.

LUMEVE Whitening Gel Cream|35g

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8-in-1 Highly Functional Medicated Whitening* Gel Cream

Gel cream specialized for the feminine zone for "clear and beautiful skin that gives you confidence.

It can also be used for outer care after hair removal (armpits, elbows, knees, VIO, etc.).

Gentle formula for daily use on delicate areas.

4 organic ingredients

4 kinds of Jamu ingredients

25 beauty ingredients

7 additive-free ingredients


*Prevents spots and freckles by suppressing melanin production

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W active ingredients

We are particular about gentleness because it is used for delicate parts.

Eight effects approach the feminine zone.

The most common problems in the feminine zone are
"blackheads," "odor," "rash," "itchiness," "dryness," and...

This product contains ingredients that gently and thoroughly treat such female concerns.
Just by applying it every day after bathing,
it will lead to brighter and clearer skin.


Whitening* active ingredient "tranexamic acid" to treat dark spots

Contains whitening-supporting ingredients for thorough treatment of dark spots

Full-body whitening care leads to dull, translucent skin.

It can be used not only for dark spots in the feminine zone, but also on the armpits, elbows, breasts, and other areas of concern.

It can also be used on the armpits, elbows, breasts, and other areas of concern.


Anti-inflammatory active ingredient "Dipotassium glycyrrhizate" to treat rashes and itching

Various problems in the feminine zone are also addressed.

Contains 9 skin-conditioning ingredients to treat various problems in the feminine zone.

Approaches "odor," "itching," "rash," and "hair suppression.


Pursuit of safety and gentleness to the skin because it is used for delicate parts of the body

Luxurious blend of beauty moisturizing ingredients

Prevents "aging," "dark spots," "odor," and "itching" caused by dry skin,

Contains 6 beauty ingredients with excellent moisturizing and anti-aging effects.

It also contains "Jamu" and "Organic" ingredients to gently care for your skin.

Additive-free formulation that is gentle to the skin

Because it is used on delicate parts of the body, we are committed to additive-free formulation.

A firm approach to the problems of the feminine zone! Aftercare for after hair removal (armpit, elbow, knee, VIO, etc.)

White floral fragrance

With its neat elegance and slightly fragrant sweetness, it enhances
The gentle scent of lily of the valley envelopes
for a pleasant and healing moment.

How to care


Wash the area to be applied and prepare clean skin.
We recommend using this product in the morning and evening after showering.


Apply in a circular motion to an area about 1 cm larger than the area of concern.
Can be used on the entire body, including the face, elbows, armpits, bust tops, VIO, and knees.


You will feel more effective if you use it every day.