Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

Beauty begins when you decide to be yourself





Beauty for all women

Because I was born a woman, I want
to like and cherish myself.

I want all women to shine beautifully and brightly.

By charming the parts of yourself that you don't show,
you will be reborn from your lack of self-confidence.

Making a habit of feminine zone care means
valuing yourself as a woman.

Beauty begins when
you decide to be you!

Dedicated to all women


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W active ingredients

We are particular about gentleness because it is used for delicate parts.

Eight effects approach the feminine zone.

The most common problems in the feminine zone are
"blackheads," "odor," "rash," "itchiness," "dryness," and...

This product contains ingredients that gently and thoroughly treat such female concerns.
Just by applying it every day after bathing,
it will lead to brighter and clearer skin.

A firm approach to the problems of the feminine zone! Aftercare for after hair removal (armpit, elbow, knee, VIO, etc.)

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30s female, office worker

The design is stylish and cute!

The stylish, non-feminine care-like design makes it easy to use, and it would be nice to have it in a room as one of my skin care items.
The cream was soft and light, easy to apply, and not sticky!
Since it is a dry season, I would like to use it on my elbows and knees as well.

20s female, housewife

It has become less dry and slippery.

I use it to treat dark spots on my knees and elbows, which have been bothering me especially since childbirth.
The soft texture is easy to apply, even with a small amount, and the narrow end of the tube makes it easy to adjust the amount.
It is not sticky and feels smooth, so it is comfortable to use for delicate zone care.
It also takes care of rashes and odors, which is helpful during sensitive times before and after menstruation.
I recommend this product for summer care when you will be wearing light clothing.

30s female, office worker

This is my fifth time.

I bought LUMEVE because I am in my 30s and wanted to take better care of my delicate zones.
The first purchase was cheap, so I bought a subscription for the time being!
I like it because it moisturizes well and has a nice fragrance that soothes me, so I have continued to use it without canceling my subscription.
This is the 5th time I have used it, and I feel that the dark spots I was concerned about are getting brighter.
I would like to continue using it.

30s female, housewife

Thorough care for summer!

Taking care of the delicate skin is one of the most important things to do in the winter.
We take care of the visible parts of our face and hands, but we tend to neglect the care of the invisible parts...
I have newly started using LUMEVE, which is designed to help women gain beauty as women by beautifying the invisible parts of their bodies.

The feel is a refreshing gel-like cream.
It blends in quickly and is not sticky, so I use it after bathing.
The container is a cute slim type in pink beige!
I will thoroughly take care of my skin for the summer.

20s female, office worker

The effect was immediate!

After cleaning my VIO, my skin became rough and dark spots started to bother me more than before.
The moisturizer helps prevent dark spots and has a whitening effect, so I continued to use it and I think it brightened up a bit!
The packaging is cute and he and my family won't even know I'm using it.


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女性の身体の周期により、月経と次の月経の間におりものが出やすくなります。 そんな時におりものシートをつけるべきか気になっている人も多いのではないでしょうか。 調査によると、すでに女性の3人に2人がおりものシートを使っているとの結果が出ています。 この記事ではおりものシートをつけるメリットや使用する際の注意点について解説します。 【おりものシートはつける方が良いかつけない方が良いか】 毎日お...



「洗浄力が高い石鹸はどのタイプ?」「肌にやさしい石鹸が分からない」など、石鹸選びに悩む方は多いのではないでしょうか。 石鹸には、液体や固形、泡タイプなどさまざまな種類があり、タイプによって特徴が異なります。 その中でも固形石鹸は、洗浄力が高く肌への負担が少ないなど、メリットが多くおすすめです。 この記事では、体を洗う石鹸として、液体石鹸より固形石鹸がおすすめな理由を紹介します。 固形石鹸を使...



LUMEVEはクリーンビューティーへの取り組みをもとに、地球環境に配慮しながら肌への優しさを追求した商品を作っています。 クリーンビューティーとはどのような考え方なのか、LUMEVEの取り組みとともに、フェミニンゾーンに悩んだときに毎日使えるホワイトニングゲルクリームについて紹介します。 【クリーンビューティーとは】 クリーンビューティーという言葉は、主に化粧品や美容アイテムといった美容の...


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いつもLUMEVEをご利用いただき、誠にありがとうございます。ゴールデンウィーク中の休業につきまして、以下の通りご案内させていただきます。【休業日】■2024年4月27日(土) ~ 2024年4月29日(月)■2024年5月3日(金)〜2024年5月6日(月)<ご注文について>休業日前日の4月26日(金)、5月2日(木)の午前10時以降にご注文頂いた商品は、休業期間開けから順次発送の対応をさ...

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いつもLUMEVEをご利用いただき、誠にありがとうございます。誠に勝手ながら以下日程が年末年始休業となります。■休暇期間:2023/12/29(金) ~ 2024/1/4(木)<ご注文について>12/28(木)10:00以降にご注文頂いた商品は1/5(金)より、順次対応させていただきます。年末年始休業中につきましても、ご注文は通常どおり受付けております。休業前はご注文が殺到する事が予想され...