LUMEVE beauty ingredients for firm care


LUMEVE contains 25 kinds of beauty ingredients.

Since it is for use on delicate areas, we sought to make it safe and gentle to the skin.

[Controls dark spots and makes your skin beautiful.

LUMEVE contains plenty of beauty ingredients, the most exciting of which are beauty ingredients to treat blackheads.

It contains plenty of naturally derived ingredients that support skin conditioning.

Ingredients to inhibit pigmentation include peony extract and osmanthus extract.

Saxifrage extract inhibits the production of melanin, which is the source of dark spots.

Melanin production is not the only cause of dark spots on the skin; oxidation of the skin also has a major impact.

Therefore, dark spots can be suppressed by using care products with antioxidant properties, and saxifrage extract is believed to have this antioxidant effect.

The combination of these ingredients can help prevent dark spots.

[It works to condition the skin.

LUMEVE also contains a strong combination of cosmetic ingredients to take care of itching and rashes.

This ingredient is dipotassium glycyrrhizinate.

This ingredient has the ability to reduce inflammation and is suitable for the care of the delicate skin area, where itching and other symptoms can occur with the slightest provocation.

Ginkgo extract and turmeric extract are included as anti-inflammatory ingredients, and clara extract and ginger extract are included as bactericidal ingredients.

LUMEVE's appeal lies in its ability to care for the skin by reducing inflammation and keeping it clean.
This can be attributed to the various natural ingredients in the formula.

The LUMEVE formula is also designed to minimize irritation and care for delicate areas of the skin.

Smooth skin by keeping it moisturized

Moisturizing is an important part of skin care.

LUMEVE contains plenty of beauty moisturizing ingredients.

The beauty moisturizing ingredients in LUMEVE are honey and hyaluronic acid N.

Ubiquinone, also commonly called coenzyme Q10, which is believed to increase stratum corneum water content,
moisturizing and keeping the skin moist and fresh.

It also contains cocoyl hydrolyzed collagen K for anti-aging and antioxidant tocopherols to carefully condition the skin.

Moisturizing is necessary to prevent skin problems, even in the delicate zone, so take good care of your skin with LUMEVE's moisturizing effects and aim for trouble-free skin.

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