LUMEVE is a gentle care with less skin burden


It is important to use products that are safe and gentle to the skin because they are used daily and on the delicate zone.

It is important to choose the right care items for daily use.

The items you use every day affect your body without you even knowing it.

On the other hand, using unsuitable items may cause problems and increase the burden on the skin.

When choosing a skincare item, it is important to consider various aspects and choose one that is as easy on the skin as possible.

We would like to recommend LUMEVE.

[Uses ingredients that are gentle to the skin].

The strength of LUMEVE is its ingredients.

LUMEVE is made from four certified organic ingredients and four jamu ingredients, so it is safe to use on delicate parts of the body, which is a big advantage.

Another highly appreciated point is that it is an additive-free formulation that does not contain colorants, mineral oil, silicone, or other ingredients that may be harmful to the skin.

Considering that it is used daily, we recommend LUMEVE because it is made of natural ingredients and the ingredients are clearly stated.

It is an ideal item for those who want to choose an additive-free product in the long run.

LUMEVE is an item that can take care of the delicate zone, so it is safe.

LUMEVE is sold for the care of the delicate zone.

The skin of the delicate zone is thinner than other parts of the body.

Therefore, it is easily stressed and prone to problems.

The fact that the product is designed for use in such a sensitive area is proof that it is gentle to the skin.

Therefore, it can be used safely not only on the delicate area but also on other parts of the body.

If there are places where dryness is observed, we recommend taking care of them with LUMEVE, which is less stressful to the skin.

Moisturizing and care with other ingredients

LUMEVE contains two moisturizing ingredients as well as other ingredients that increase moisture content, and is formulated to provide moisture to the skin.

It also contains anti-aging and anti-oxidant ingredients to keep the skin youthful.

In addition, the product is full of effective ingredients for the skin, such as firming and anti-inflammatory ingredients, which can be expected to be effective in addressing various concerns women have.

Since it is easy to adopt as a daily care item due to its low burden, make it a habit to care for your skin with LUMEVE to create beautiful skin in good condition.

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