LUMEVE contains naturally derived ingredients and can be used for the whole body where dark spots are a concern.


LUMEVE is a beauty brand specializing in the delicate zone that makes women beautiful.

Whitening gel cream is an item that can be used for the whole body in addition to the delicate zone.

[Naturally derived ingredients that can be used for the whole body, including knees and elbows.

LUMEVE is packed with many ingredients to support skin moisture retention, as well as antioxidants and ingredients that inhibit pigmentation.

These ingredients are derived from natural sources, making this item less irritating to the skin, even for use on delicate delicate skin zones.

However, it is not limited to the delicate zone alone that there are areas of concern on the skin.

LUMEVE is a care item that can be used not only for the delicate zone but also for dark spots on other parts of the skin.

It can also be used on the knees and elbows where dark spots are a concern.

Ingredients for dark spots

LUMEVE contains an active ingredient called tranexamic acid to treat dark spots.

Tranexamic acid is an ingredient used in the treatment of melasma, and is also prescribed as an oral medication for the treatment of skin blemishes.

It blocks the action of plasmin, which is responsible for stimulating the activation of melanocytes, the source of melasma.

If a large amount of melanin continues to be produced, the amount of melanin that cannot be expelled from the skin is too high, resulting in hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Tranexamic acid helps to inhibit the occurrence of melasma and other skin conditions that affect the skin.

Contains cosmetic liquid ingredients, so it can be used on areas where there is concern about the effects on the skin.

LUMEVE contains no parabens or silicone preservatives.

Not only does LUMEVE use mainly natural ingredients, but it also contains up to 25 different kinds of serum ingredients.

It not only cares for dark spots on the skin, but also helps to tone the skin.

The product can be used on areas that are not normally visible, such as the delicate zone and breasts, but where the effect on the skin is a concern, as well as on the knees and other parts of the body where it is a concern because it may be visible.

Other features of LUMEVE

LUMEVE contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients in addition to ingredients to prevent blackheads and maintain moisture.

It is also suitable for treating itchy skin caused by inflammation and for keeping the skin clean.

Aside from blackheads, LUMEVE can be used to treat a whole range of skin concerns.

It is also recommended to use it all over the body, for example, to keep dry skin moisturized and to reduce symptoms of itching.

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