What are the advantages of using a delicatessen cream for care?


It is said that in the United States and European countries, people are highly conscious of taking care of their delicate zones and learn how to do it properly from childhood.

On the other hand, in Japan, the importance of taking care of the delicate zone is not yet widespread.

Here are some of the benefits of taking care of sensitive skin with special creams.

[Preventing problems caused by chafing between the skin and underwear].

During the dry season, skin often rubs against the underwear you are wearing, causing discomfort.

In severe cases, this can cause problems such as irritation and rashes.

Skin chafing in the delicate zone can also cause hyperpigmentation and darkening of the skin.

The skin acts as a barrier to protect itself not only from UV rays but also from friction.

The more melanin pigment that is produced at this time, the more pigment stays on the skin, causing hyperpigmentation.

As with whole body care, frequent moisturizing of the sensitive area and reducing friction will help prevent chafing.

In addition, changing to loose-fitting undergarments instead of tight-fitting ones can also help prevent dryness.

Maintain the self-cleaning function of the delicate zone.

The pH value of the skin in the delicate zone is 4.5 to 5.5.

The pH value of the skin in the delicate zone is 4.5 to 5.5, which is lower and more acidic than that of other parts of the skin.

Soaps for normal skin have strong cleansing power, which can kill the indigenous bacteria living in the delicate zone.

The indigenous bacteria in the delicate zone play a role in the self-cleaning and barrier function of the vagina to control odor and blackheads.

However, if the balance of bacteria is disrupted by improper care, candida and other bacteria that can cause problems can proliferate.

Consistent aging care

Aging also increases the number of problems in the delicate skin area.

Women who have reached menopause experience atrophic vaginitis and uterine prolapse due to the rapid decrease in the production of female hormones.

As a result, many complain of discomfort, odor, and pain in the delicate zone.

Problems in the delicate zone can have a very significant impact on an important part of quality of life.

Good hygiene and moisturizing are essential at any age as part of the aging process.

Taking care of the delicate skin has a number of benefits.

The skin in this area is very thin and acidic, so it is important to carefully care for this area using special products such as LUMEVE.

It is recommended that you make it a habit to take care of this area frequently.

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