Smooth foam gently treats odor*1 and dullness*2

LUMEVE Whitening Gel Cream|35g

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8-in-1 Highly Functional Medicated Whitening* Gel Cream

Gel cream specialized for the feminine zone for "clear and beautiful skin that gives you confidence.

It can also be used for outer care after hair removal (armpits, elbows, knees, VIO, etc.).

Gentle formula for daily use on delicate areas.

4 organic ingredients

4 kinds of Jamu ingredients

25 beauty ingredients

7 additive-free ingredients


*Prevents spots and freckles by suppressing melanin production

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For healthy, confident skin without odor*1 and dullness*2


The skin of the feminine zone is very delicate, so use a special soap for gentle care.


For dullness*2-free, translucent*3 skin

It also has the effect of improving lather, and the smooth lather envelops the entire body for gentle cleansing.


Cares for bothersome smells*1

Stress-free days with no odor during menstruation


Supports barrier function

Treats everyday problems women face by balancing the indigenous bacteria in the feminine zone.


Smooth foam gently removes dirt

Solid soap is mildly alkaline and gently removes dirt and grime, and the frame kneading method allows the soap to contain more beauty essence ingredients than the machine kneading method and gently cleanses the skin.

The reasons for sticking with solid soap
Frame Kneading Process

Soap Manufacturing Process

There are two main types of soap molding methods: the "machine kneading method," in which the entire process is done by machine, and the "frame kneading method," in which soap is poured into a frame and allowed to cool and harden over time.

Additive-free formulation that is gentle to the skin

Because it is for use on delicate areas, we are committed to an additive-free formulation. The hypoallergenic foam can be used not only on the feminine zone but also on the whole body including the face.

White floral fragrance

It enhances femininity with its neat elegance and slightly fragrant sweetness. The gentle fragrance of lily of the valley will envelop you in a pleasant and healing moment.

How to care


Soak the soap in warm water, wet it slightly, and use a lathering net to create a firm lather.


Take foam in your hands and apply it to the entire body and feminine zone with the image of putting foam on the body.


Wash gently and meticulously with the belly of your fingers.


Remove foam thoroughly with lukewarm water.


After use, rinse the soap lightly and store it in a well-ventilated place in a soap holder or net so that no moisture remains on the soap.

*Due to its tendency to dissolve easily due to the high content of moisturizing ingredients, When storing, drain well and avoid high temperature, high humidity, and direct sunlight.

For finishing after washing body!

8in1 high-function whitening gel cream to condition and moisturize the skin

The two active ingredients will lead to brighter and clearer skin, and you will feel more effective if you use them together.

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*Annotations on the Website

*1 Due to cleaning
*2 Due to dead skin cells and dirt
*3 Glossy, smoothness
*4 tubokusa leaf/stem extract
*5 Glycyrrhiza root extract, wormwood flower extract, morus alba extract, jujube fruit extract, and Scutellaria baicalensis
*6 Lactobacillus acidophilus, maltodextrin
*7 a-glucan oligosaccharide